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I ride road, gravel, and mountain bikes. I love group rides and started making a calendar list. So far, I'm doing this for Los Angeles (and vicinity). I've been able to find 3 mountain rides: JRA Bikes every Tuesday night, Pedalers Fork every Thursday night, and Topanga Outpost every Saturday morning. Any others? And I can't find any dedicated to gravel.

My new calendar is here: at Bicycle Group Rides.

In the search box, type "Mountain" to see all the mountain rides.

All feedback is welcomed. The site is brand new. It has taken me countless hours/days/week to compile the list. I'm not a web developer, just a newbie using some simple templates from GoDaddy. I know there are bugs. Hoping I can improve it in the coming weeks/months and keep it rolling. If it catches on, I want to add a way for people to submit their own rides, so I don't have to keep updating it myself.
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