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Front Street Brewfest

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Yesterday was the second time I've been to the yearly fest, and it's the second one that's sold out, and it's the second one they've had, period. :thumbsup: Proceeds go towards the Front Street Animal Shelter in Sacramento. Lots of beer vendors, food trucks, animal-related booths, shitty DJs and maybe a band. They had several bands last year, but this year they only had a Johnny Cash cover band who were playing when we came in, then never heard from them again. No loss. But I would much rather hear live music than extended remixes of club "songs". Doont doont dooont. :madman:

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We got in near the front, as it opened at noon, and promptly hit about 5 tasting booths inside of 10 minutes. Talk about a quick buzz! Mark & I had to slow down after that, or else we'd have been calling our DD to pick us up after only an hour, lol.

Bitchin' tap handles from Einstock Olgerd of Akureyri, Iceland.
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Lots of happy people milling about. Lots of happy vendors, and so, so much good beer to sample. Our favorite of the day was Rivercat Red Ale, an Irish ale brewed by Big Stump Brew Co. of Sac. Chock-fulla malts and a low ABV made this a roasty and sessionable brew. We kept going back for refills on that one. Must stop at their brewery sometime- hopefully they'll always have this one on tap.

Swag was a bit meh. There were booths selling animal-related items, but the beer vendors didn't have much to sell. Most of them had stickers, koozies, coasters & keychains, but no shirts or pint glasses for sale. Bummer.

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There's a car museum next to the fest grounds. Folks who bought tickets to the fest were allowed in the museum for free, but we passed on that.

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I'd brought a couple of my anti-tRump stickers, but forgot to pull them out until the last minute. I offered one to a girl who was quickly walking by, and she shouted "Fukc yeah!" before grabbing it in mid-stride and hustling on. Lol

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This little cutie (the dog, smart ass) we saw on the way out. I was hoping to get a better pic, but our ride was waiting.

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Front Street Animal Shelter sez: We need your help to continue our mission. Your support helps provide quality care for more than 11,000 animals that come to our shelter each year. Your support helps to provide emergency and advanced veterinary care for sick or injured animals. Your support helps to provide funding for adoption or outreach programs that help shelter pets find their "forever" homes. Your support helps save lives!

11,000 a year. Jeebus.
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