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I'm about to buy a Kona

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Hey guys,

After much searching I have finally found a bike that I want to buy. A Kona Dawg Deluxe. This will be my first 'nice' mountain bike. I found a guy selling it on craigslist, and I'm going to check it out tonight.

It's a 2007, blue, 19 inch in good condition. I talked him down to $475... I feel like this is a pretty good deal, just wanted to see what others think. If I buy it, I'll post pics :)
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thats a steal of a price. unless its literally stolen :lol: that was about an 1800 dollar bike new, its a tiny bit suspicious why hes selling so cheap.
I paid $1600 or so for a 2008 leftover new.
That sounds like a pretty good price unless something's really screwed up.
Was the 2007 blue? I was thinking green for some reason.
Yeah, hopefully its not stolen. But I'm going to check it out in person tonight to see if anythings wrong with it. How would I know if it is stolen? Is there a type of vin number on a bike?
if you want to go that far you could check the serial# with the local police dept.Serial# located on the bottom of the bottom bracket (very bottom of bike where the pedal arms are attached). You might be able to get a feel for the seller by asking questions like, where did you buy the bike, are you a member of any local clubs. If he doesn't know anything about it or about bikes then it might be stolen.
Wow! Thats a great deal. Friend of mine just picked up a left over 2008 Dawgma for $800 brand new which I thought was a great deal.
135pt inspection...

check fer cracks...

check the bb by pedaling hard your 'test ride'

check the headset...take all the weight off the front end and turn handlebars quickly...

check suspension for leaks...

shift gears quickly and test the brakes well...

feel the spokes...

even if some of the above fail the tests and you are forced to replace, you may still come out ahead...

check'er out and say where she stands...good luck...
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BikePedia shows the 2007 Dawg Deluxe as green. I have a 2006 Dawg Deluxe, and it is blue. You may be looking at a 2006 model. Get the serial number and ask Kona what year it is.
OK that has to bit litterally stolen or falling apart! That or the guy isn't the smartest/ wants it gone ASAP... I would take note of the serial number on the bottom of the bb and check with KONA they have all the serial on file with the real owners. Plus there may be a reward for the find, most people who pay for a 2000+ bike are willing the bribe people to give it back for less than a new bike of equal value. Also follow adubb's advice with the checks... for all we know the frame could be new and the rest of the specs wall-mart special new lol... also check if it is a fake... there have been many fake konas made, not hard to do either... 4 bars is simple compare to something like DW or VP systems.

EDIT... also it may be a supreme, the supremes were blue in 07. If it is its stolen or this guy is not to bright(either can't read the headtube or has no concept of value)
I got the bike. The bike is legit, it does have a few small things that might need to be looked at. The front fork needs some work, it doesnt seem like it rebounds correctly. Also, it needs new front brake pads, tires, new grips and maybe a new chain.

Besides that, everything looked good minus a few scratches..

The seller was a college student, and apparently his truck broke down and he needed a part for it right away and needed the cash..

It must be an 06 like everyones saying.

I'll post pics soon.
Congrats on your bike purchase! looks like you might have too spend some cash to get it back in shape but you got it for a good price. Welcome to the Kona world. you will love it
Now go break that bike in... but try not to do so litterally lol
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