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Its possible that the fork will cost you as much as you paid for the whole bike.
There's two options here:
1) The rational thinking is that its not worth throwing expensive parts at a "cheap" bike, save up and buy a new one, etc etc. This path also leads to forum wars, users accused and accusing of elitism and snobbery so on and so on.

2) Slap that Revelation on your bike and be happy with it!- The difference will be night and day! You'll ride more and have way more fun on your bike. Catch is that soon youll discover that all the other parts on your bike will show their shortcomings.-This is the curse of upgrading-it never stops > EVER>.

You dont mention what fork you have on your bike right now -Just make sure that axles on both forks match (is it a 20 mm axle or quick release), otherwise youll need a new front wheel.You"ll also need a star nut to go into the steerer tube. hope this helps, cheers
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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