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So I'm at the LBS (and only IH dealer in Albuquerque) today,where I have been expressing great interest in getting a Warrior Trail since September.Originally,he said that '05 Warriors were no longer in stock and that I'd have to wait for an '06.I tell him I want the Gold&Black '06 Trail in medium.Ok,fine,I can wait for a couple of weeks....I mean a month....I mean 2 months.So,here it is,over 2 months later than my original attempt at buying my first full-suspension bike and I hear some slightly disturbing news from him.The first shipment of '06 Iron Horses are coming in on the 20th.Initially I'm stoked half to death,the wait is almost over,I'm going to have my bike by X-Mas,woohoo!But there's a catch...there was no specification whatsoever about what bikes are coming in on the 20th.No guarantee that a medium Warrior Trail will even be in the batch (forget about the color option).Only a moderate amount of certainty that "There'll most likely be some Warriors (Trail?Pro?) in that delivery".I'm not here to point fingers or rant or anything,but I was hoping that perhaps at least some vague estimation of what is coming in can be given by IH.I could understand my options being limited if I had just walked in out of the blue and asked for said bike right away,but I've been trying to get this bike in particular for months.Not entirely sure if I could wait for a second shipment to come in which has what I'm wanting,nor if I even should.Guess my second option would be buying it where I'm going for vacation on the 22'nd and hoping to get lucky,but I really want to spend my money with this shop for the effort he has put in thus far.Any info about 1st shipment models,particularly to Albuquerque,New Mexico (if possible),would be more than awesome.
Thanks in advance from a particularly anxious prospective customer.
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