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I have to stop for a minute and give props to the folks at Ibex. I bought an Ignition-3 before they released them in December 2004. It was delivered shortly after in January 2005. I am extremely pleased with the Ignition line of bikes.

So far this year I have been to some Colorado front range spots, you can look them up on the trail reviews on MTBR trail review section (green mountain, mathew winters, etc..). I have alo gone into the mountains where it hasn't showed lately and riden out there, (Chalk Creek Race course).

So, this year I decided I was going to take my passion to a whole new level. I am going to race in the Mountain States cup. This series takes place throughout the Rocky mountain region: Moab, New Mexico, Colorado. (If you want more info check out

The bottom line is, this company makes good products!! I've talked personally with the owner Jack. They are a small operation, but isn't that what you want when you buy a bike. Tell me the last time you went to a small town bikeshop and didn't feel comfortable with the people who worked there, or owner of the shop for that matter. The people at Ibex truly have passion for the sport, and that is who I want to represent.

Ibex stands for the last of the Mom and Pop stores when all the others companies are turning too big to really get personal with their customers.

Many thanks to Jack and the Ibex team!!
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