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Hey guys. I'm new to the scene with a new to me older bike. My 32 tooth chain ring needs a swap, but I can't seem to find this part.

Will any other Non IG chainring work?
And/or where can I find this IG chainring. (4bolt, 104bcd, 32t, IG) The part I think I need is MC20 32t. All seem to be on backorder and the one place I called said they could not get It. Remember, this is for an 8 speed.

Seems like since it's a pretty major wear part, Shimano should be on top of having replacements. And I'm guessing IG (as well as 8 speed) are both somewhat out of date.

I seem to have all other parts functioning, so I'd hate to HAVE to update all parts now. Trying to stay cheap on this old thing just to get back into riding.

Thanks for any help/info. I'm off to take my first ride in YEARS!

('99 Raleigh M80, Deore Lx components, crank says Shimano STX RC)
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