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If you went 150mm on a 2021-newer Stumpy, any regrets?

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Currently have a 2019 140mm FIT4 Fox 34 with 51mm rake on a 2021 Stumpy. Obviously designed around a 44 rake, but that's neither here nor there. My two options are to put in a Grip2 damper for $340 or buy a like new 2022 F34 Grip2 44mm currently in 140mm, but wanted option of putting in 150mm air shaft. Price would be almost double of the damper alone. FWIW, I'm 160 pounds, and the SJ is my "big bike" that sees little use. Basically trying to put off the fun and joy of buying a SJ EVO alloy frame and building it up with existing and new parts. I digress.

If you've had a 140 and 150 on the newer SJ, what are your thoughts? I know it varies based on terrain and riding style. Shoulda went the other direction?
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I have a 21 sj with Fox 36 150. I'm running it in high and I really like it. I rode it in the yard in low but it didn't seem to climb well. From my understanding, it is similar geometry to the 140 in low. Only, it's higher.

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