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If you ever wondered what 15 magura HS22s looked like...

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in a box, wonder no more...

Just cleaned a local store out of the NOS magura collection. Got about 10 complete brakes, and enough parts to assemble up another 5 or 6. Plus some extra odds and sods. Maybe a dozen of the brake boosters, lots of the QR mounts but not of the special eye-bolts that are needed for the QR mount. A few pairs of new pads too. As soon as I sort thru them all I'll likely stick a post up in the classifieds for 'em.
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Mind if I ask what you payed for all of that? It sure is a pretty mess.
about $350US.
ok they're listedup in the mtbr classifieds now.
I have about twenty pairs of Trials pads around..

They were a red gummy compound. PM me if anyone is looking for some. I believe they only made them for a year or two.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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