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If you could have only one bike for an endurance race?

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What is the ideal bike for a newcomer to the sport? Hardtail, FS? I know there are categories, but what to most people seem to ride at these events? :)
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It seems to depend on age; kids (Julian Absalon) ride h/t while older guys (Tinker Juarez) ride fs and both seem to do quite well. I guess it depends on your tolerance for discomfort.
simle answer
If you are stronger at climbing than descending get a FS. If you are stronger at descending rather than climbing get a HT.
by getting a FS your strength at climbing will help make up for the lack of decsending skills....thus making both closer to equal.. the better descending skills will help make up the time lost on the climb with a HT.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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