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I have found a guy that is willing to sell his absolutely pristine '03. The frame looks brand new; no suck or slap marks...not scratched at all. The bike is so cherry that the rotors are barely broken in as well as the CK hubs. It literally has been siting in a Park stand for 7 years or so.

It's spec'd nicely too with:

King/3.1 (819) tubeless wheelset
King headset
XTR cranks, derailleurs, and disc brake rotors/calipers
XT shifters and brake levers
XT cassette
Thomson post
Easton EA70 Stem and MonkeyLite carbon low risers
Time pedals
Salsa QRs

The only thing out of sorts with the build is a RS Psylo 80-125 fork which, if I buy it, will more than likely be replaced.

The guy will sell it to me for about the price of a new frame and it will include 2 sets of IF shorts and jerseys, a Quetzal Green helmet and other extra pieces parts from the build.

Is this a good deal or not? I mean it is a 7yo bike....but damn it's F I N E!

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Wow that is a nice find. I wish I could find things in the "barn" like that. Looking forwards to hearing a ride report.
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