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If my camelbak has a parachute...

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otherwise no thank you :eek:

I dont think even a full-face helmet would do any good.
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This would be the first time in history for it to be a POSITIVE thing when people complain about a chamois feeling like a diaper. I may need one on that ride.
the phrase - more balls than brains - comes to mind.
I think Hans can handle it.
Ahhh, 2006. Mtbr had a good time chatting about these pics back then, too.
Evil Patrick said:
Ahhh, 2006. Mtbr had a good time chatting about these pics back then, too.
...and on several other occasions since.

Still, it looks pretty nuts!
Wow thats amazing!!
I'd love to ride it!!
definitely worth posting again, i love that video.
Evil Patrick said:
Ahhh, 2006. .
Wow. seems like yesterday.

And suddenly today.
uhmm gt better be paying them well. thats crazy!

I think I'll just get on my tricycle and pedal home now.
I live not far from there, have ridden along beside the sliffs a few times, and it makes me nervous. The notion of getting down onto that ledge is totally freaky. You're not landing in water if you fall - you land on rocks.

That said, I was inspired to ride Croagh Patrick - the steep loose rock mountain in the video. That was some fun.
This does look spectacular. On the other hand quite a few relatively popular trails, in Moab for example, have similar consequences of screwing up. It does not take a long fall to go splat. We just ride them without paying too close attention.

I found it interesting that I personally can not even approach a cliff edge when I hike, while I could climb the same cliff as a rock climber with some very scant protection placed, which is objectively far more dangerous. I am also afraid of flying in planes, especially looking out - and I used to skydive. Mind plays tricks on me.
jollybeggar said:
I think Hans can handle it.
If I'm not mistaken, that is Hans.
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