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If chicks dig scars...

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How does this one rate? If it looks a bit odd, you're right! I get to have the fusion redone on Friday, weeee!! At least I had a good helmet on when I landed on my hard head and broke 2 vertebrae...

By the way what to the gal in CA that augered in a while back and got airlifted out? I seem to recall she had a halo on for a while but I'm sure she must be ok by now at least I sure hope so.


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Jewel D Nile I think...

I think she took a header on her neck and was in a HALO for like 2 months if my memory serves me. I promise I'm not stalking. If it wasn't Jewel D Nile, my apologies to her and you. I remember because alway read posts about spine injuries. I herniated a disc in my C6 / C7 & I had a total disc replacment as oppossed to a fusion and was awesome. 3 weeks recovery, no halo, and no pain. PM me if you would like more info. Other than that, best of luck on the fusion. Spine Shank
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