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Iditarod Trail Invitational 2011

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Looks like a fast trail so far this year. The leaders are over 130miles in and at the last checkpoint, long time race veteran and current record holder, Peter Basinger is currently leading Jay Petervary by about 40 minutes with Jeff Oatley and Greg Matyas close behind.

Check out the leader board here

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Bearbait said:
Thanks for that. Some sweet gear indeed. A couple of those Fatbacks (Greg's, for example) have insane drilling on their 100mm rims!

I'm in awe of anyone who'd attempt this race, but I cannot even conceive of attempting 350 miles on foot. Props to all the foot racers that we forget about on these boards. Good luck and safe passage to each and every racer (and Mikesee, too).
Disappointing to see Shaggy Ross has had to withdraw following an accident.

Gripping stuff, and I'd love to have a go.
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