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I bought my wife a Kona Four a few months ago as she finially agreed to ride some really light trails / roads with me. And as she got a bit more into it, I upgraded a few parts trying to make her life easier (the bike original weight 32+ lbs while she weight 105lbs!). Now while I see her ride ok with the bike's weight, its seems really tough for her to carry/lift the bike and walk through the more dangerous sections. Any more ideas on how to lighten her bike wothout costing a second mortage? spec and pic below:

Frame : kona four 2650g (approx.)
Fork : RST F1rst 1576g (w/ remote lock taken out, pretty good fork actually)
Headset : Canecreek unknown
Front wheel : Fulcrum metal 5 845g
Rear wheel : Fulcrum metal 5 1005g
Rim tape : 3M tape 4g/wheel
QRs : Fulcrum 141g
Tires : Kenda small block 8 448g x 2
Tubes : Maxxis Flyweight 85g x 2
Crank : Race Face ride XC 810g(32-22 only)
BB : Shimano 100g
Cassette : 11-32 339g
Chain : Shimano unknow
Front mech : Deore 170g
Rear mech : LX long cage 303g
Shifter : Deore unknown
Front Rotor : 160mm unknown
Rear Rotor : 160mm unknown
Rear adaptor : Shimano 25g
Front Brake set : LX 297g (caliper + lever + cable)
Rear Brake set : LX 323g (caliper + lever + cable)
Stem : Kona 25.4 unknown
Bar : Amoeba Scud Carbon 25.4 620mm 190g
Grip : SRD unknown
Pedal : Plastic 181g x2
Saddle + Post : Biologic and stock seat post 680g (post cut down already)

Total weight of bike now: 27.28lbs
Target 25lbs with 150-200 US$ budget


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cde said:
Total weight of bike now: 27.28lbs
Target 25lbs with 150-200 US$ budget
Not gonna happen, I am afraid.

I would get SLX crankset, on ChainReactionCycles (~$110), and put aluminum granny from XT. That would be ~860g total with 44. You can put extralight BBG bash instead of 44 (~$15), so it will be around 800g total with BB. Then I will get the 11-32 XT cassette (~256g), about 80g of savings for about $50 on chain reaction.

Then you should get Halo bolt on skewers ($10), instead of

QR, you will need allen key to remove the front wheel, but it is actually faster. That will save you ~70g.

Seatpost and saddle sounds like a boat anchor. But saddle is a very personal choice. Thomson stem and seatpost would not be a bad idea anyway.

Excellent bike anyway. Under 27 pounds it should not be a problem with weight.

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the seat and post weigh a lot...and so do he pedals, but IMO, I would get her a nice set clipless shoes and pedals, that would make a MUCH bigger difference than dropping 1 or 2 pounds with that money, and I also do not think it is do-able to drop ~3 lbs with under 200...go luck with the weight weenie-ing :D
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