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Looking for some ideas/suggestions to consider for an elementry school MTB/BMX track/course.

The basic design is going to be a low amplitude pump trail with rythym rollers, berms, and s turns. In addition to that there is interest in a small skills area. Please feel free to chime in with any comments or ideas/suggestions.


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There's lots of stuff in these two threads:

DJ, Pump Track Plans

pump tracks:

Some design considerations:
1) whether kids will be able to race each other (i.e. do you want a Start and a Finish, or just enclosed loops). i have thought a lot about creating a dual-slalom ish track for kids to race.
2) how fast is the track designed to be ridden. tight short-radius berms are for slower speeds but more technical riding, while big radius berms require a rider to be full-strength pedaling.
3) realize that elementary school kids actually have a huge variation in skill level. some can barely ride a bike, others blaze around full-size bmx tracks.

watch some YouTube videos of different age kids racing on bmx tracks. like in this one
, note that the 5 and 6 year olds can crank around the track, but it takes a lot of effort and they are definitely not going fast enough to jump anything and the berm radii are so big they have to really pedal hard to keep momentum. it would be a completely different experience for them to have a mini-bmx track with tighter radius berms and mini-tables and rollers spaced closer together.

on the other hand, look how fast these 12 year olds are:
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