Fans of on-bike storage solutions just got a new gear carrying option. But you'll need to be an Ibis Mojo or Ripley owner to take advantage of this one.

The Pork Chop frame bag fits inside the front triangle opening of the Mojo or Ripley, and is a great for stashing tools, a tube, CO2's, or whatever else you like to carry on your rides.

Ibis Pork Chop Frame Bag

The bag tucks neatly inside the front triangle of the Ibis Mojo HD3 and HD4.​

The cobranded and patented design was the brainchild of Ibis and Blackburn. The bag has a unique internal suspension that secures the bag without the need for frame-scratching straps. Fabric on the outside is nylon ripstop, and the padded nylon side panels will not rub against your frame. Padding also adds to the durability and there is a water repelling zipper with an easy to use pull. The bag is manufactured by Blackburn and comes with a lifetime warranty.

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The Ripley Pork Chop frame bag works with any Ripley LS, including the V2 Ripley and Gen 3 Ripley. The adjustable wedge system secures the pack into the area nested above the shock mount and works with frame sizes medium, large, and XL. For the Mojo HD4/HD3 and Mojo 3, the size-specific Pork Chop frame bag is installed in the front aperture. With this design you order the bag size to match your frame size (medium, large or XL).

Ibis Pork Chop Frame Bag

On the Ripley, an adjustable wedge system secures the pack into the area above the shock mount.​

All bags can be purchased through the Ibis online store or ordered through an Ibis retailer. Weight is approximately 170 grams. Price is $50. Mtbr just took delivery of one of the bags for use while testing the new Ibis Mojo HD4. We'll include impressions in the full review of that bike, which will publish in August.

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