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Ibis Newsletter (for those that don't receive it)

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Special Edition Ibis Newsletter: THE BAILOUT

We don't really have a bailout plan, and fortunately we don't need one. We were actually just trying to get your attention. So thanks for reading, and welcome to this edition of the Ibis Newsletter.
To start off, we have some good news. We've steadily increased production this year, and although there are still waiting lists for some bikes, the lead times have gone way down. In fact we might even have what you're looking for in stock. Our small production combined with high demand created some lengthy lead times in the past, and for the most part we've whittled those down or gotten rid of them altogether.
We love what we do at ibis, and the demand for our bikes has shown us that we're on the right track. Our philosophy is to stay a small company, innovate fiercely, treat our customers with respect and not try to be something we aren't. We keep it simple and it's going to stay that way.
So here's a little update on the happenings at Ibis. No bad news. No bailout needed. We are however looking forward to longer days ahead so we can get out there and do a little more 'product testing'.

And in other news...

Gift Certificates
We've just enabled a gift certificates feature in our online store. If you think someone you know is having a hard time finding you a gift, why not make their life easy by hinting to them about the Ibis gift certificate? These can be used for anything in the store; sorry we can't put them toward bikes, only the little stuff. Click on the image below to jump to the store.

We just received a nice shipment of our Ibis jerseys. The design is simple and clean, are available in Orange or Avocado (can you tell we're from California?) and only Sixty Five dollah. You can drop a jersey hint at the same time you drop a gift certificate hint. Tom Morgan (El Presidente de Ibis) designed them, with the Avocado jersey being inspired by and encounter he had with a ring-neck snake out on the trail.

Lopes Links
Through our sponsorship of Brian Lopes, we've come up with a new retrofitable upper linkage for the Mojo and Mojo SL, which increases lateral and torsional rigidity of the rear end. Even if you're not racing at the World Championship level you might like the extra little bit of precision the Lopes Link provides. At the time of this writing, we're sold out of red and blue links, but we have a few in Nickel/Chrome. More will be in the store in January.

$3K for a complete Mojo?
As of today, the 2009 Mojo SLX is shipping. This bike is a bit of a breakthrough for us, because it's a complete bike that retails at one penny under $3,000. Its frame is full monocoque carbon fiber, it weighs 27.25 pounds, has 140mm of travel front and rear, and is an All Mountain fun machine for a very attractive price.
In other parts news, the rest of our 2009 groups will be shipping in January. Shocks are all 2009 and have been for quite some time.

Our engineer Colin is at the factory as we type this, working on the first real production run of the new Tranny hardtail. Production will be slow for a while but will ramp up fast in the Spring.

Hakkalügi (Gesundheit!)
For those of you who haven't heard the Hakkalügi is back. We're resurrected our excellently named Cyclocross bike from "back in the day". It's a full carbon monocoque frame, painted a tasteful "Phlegmish Yellow". We'll announce the group choices soon. The show bike weighed only 15.6 lbs with some pretty fat cross tires on it.

TiMojo LTD
Also returning by popular demand is the TiMojo LTD, a limited (duh, that's why is says LTD) run of Titanium hardtails. Among the significant features are: butted tubing, S-bend seat stays, tapered chainstays, and Breeze style drop outs. We've also made concessions to modernity: rear disc brake tabs and a 34.9 mm OD/31.6 mm ID seat tube. Average weight for a medium is about 1340g.

Tour of California
Santa Cruz (the city) is excited to be hosting the finish of stage 2 of this year's Tour of California. This is the stage that crosses the Golden Gate Bridge*. We'll probably be hanging out somewhere on the course, hope to see you local Ibisians out there!
*who knows the last time a bike race crossed the GG Bridge? Hmm?

Lopes Videos
Finally, mercifully, the last item. You should all really check out Brian Lopes page on our website, and in particular, look at the 2nd video down, the one of Brian 'Railing it Down the A-Line at Whistler". Click on full screen and watch Brian work his Mojo Magic.

That about it for now.

Happy Winter Days,
Your Ibis Pals

-----end newsletter-----
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