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Ibis Customer Service

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Every now and then, Ibis' customer service is mentioned. Just wanted to let readers, and those thinking about buying an Ibis know about my recent customer service experience. I cleaned by bike and lost one of the plastic guides that hold the rear brake hose in the guide on the top tube. A spare from another build did not work and it appeared that I needed one specially made for the Mojo. I emailed Ibis and within an hour Scot responded and requested my address so that he could send me some for free. The next email was the UPS shipping information. This company takes care of you. Small details are important to them. GREAT CUSTOMER SERVICE!!!!
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Ditto on that one. I actually bought a Mojo second hand that was missing the cable guides. Sent Scott an email and had new ones (free) on my doorstep by the end of the week. Customer service is very important to me and these guys have a customer for life.
From a Shop point of view, these guys rock the free world! Thanks Ibis!
the reason I have 2 Ibis bikes is not just down to great bikes, but also due to excellent customer service!
Drapper said:
the reason I have 2 Ibis bikes is not just down to great bikes, but also due to excellent customer service!
Same here, clear cout was coming off the rear swingarm
sent email and some photos and was sent a new swingarm.I then sent the damaged one back to IBIS
A++++ for them that's the way.:thumbsup:
I'm with Drapper. The reason I have a Tranny is the excellent customer service I experienced with my Mojo.
I've sent multiple e-mails w/ questions for components, builds, weights, sizing ect...always received a quick, and accurate reply. I'm already buying parts for my frame, so I have many sizing and compatibility question. Best customer service I have had the pleasure to experience. I have one friend w/ a Mojo, and another w/ an SL. When you have a great product, and Top notch customer service, people hear this, and react w/ a purchase.

Thanks Ibis,

They are pretty outstanding. I actually bought my mojo used, and the brake fitting were not included also. I emailed Ibis to see if I can order them and purchase them. Scott also jsut asked for my address and shipped me a whole kit. It is so good to see a company that is both top notch in bikes and customer service. Money well spent :D.
They get get my vote too. I've been really impressed.

I had a couple of warranty issues with my Mojo Carbon, which Scot pretty much handled direct. All prompt and no quibbles. What's more my Carbon came back as an SL. Sweet
These guys are great. I got a "last year" 2009 frame from a dealer in the DC area. It ended up being a 2008 with no Lopes Link, had no chainstay protector, and none of the brake hose holders. Ibis sent all of these to me for free. They are definitely cool guys.
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