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Nice blog!

richieb said:
Great, great blog! I've been riding since '86 and love seeing the old gear. I'm also an ex-Ibis framebuilder (Ti Mojos and Ti Stems circa '93-95?) and its nice to see the old logo still out there on frames. That was the best of their many iterations.

BTW, I've got a 1987 Fisher Competition, Tom Teesdale fillet brazed frameset (frame, fork, stem,) in the original Joe Murray era Fisher Team colors that I'm gearing up to sell. Lemme know if thats something you might be into. Its in good shape with just a few paint nicks on it. I'll post pics soon. Its needs a little cleanup first.

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The decals were the dry-app ones. I was initially led to beleive they's be the H2O ones, but I guess there was some confusion. They weren't hard, but be prepared to take some time and patience, and figure out some good clearcoating solutions...

The fork on the Bontrager is a Marzocchi has since been replaced my a Pace carbon (thanks Sky!)

anyhow...more Ibis updates at

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