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Quick Q - I just built up a new bike (Reeb Dykeluos 2.0) singlespeed and am rolling on i9 hubs laced to Ibis 942's (29" / 42mm Internal) with Bontrager XR4 2.6" tires...fat curious, but not quite and XC+ tires.
She's a singlespeed, so maximum grip when climbing is important...

I am coming from some pinner Roval 28mm internal wheels and was running 18psi in back and around 20 in front...

With the wider rims and tires, I have been experimenting with dropping the tire pressure...not much of a fat biker, and not really tuned in to how low of a psi I can run.

How low can I go with 42mm rims, and 2.6's? What are others out there doing?

I am sure that this has been asked quite a bit - feel free to tell me to refer to the search if so...

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According to the ibis site, 942s are 41 external and 35 internal. I don’t know if your post is a typo, a misunderstanding, or if you’re talking about a different rim.

I would not mount a 2.6 to an i42 rim.

Personally, I’d start with 1-2 psi less than you had on the i28/2.4 combo and slowly drop psi until you get some soft rim strikes, and up the psi 1/2-1 lb.

I had some i30/2.6 combo wheels in the past and seem to recall I was happy with 15f/17r at 155-160#, also on a singlespeed bike.
You also posted you run a higher psi in the front than back, which is unusual.

FWIW, I have the 29x3.0 XR4 at 9.5-10 psi (i43 rim) on the front of my bike and love it.

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