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Price? Motobecane is 50 dollars cheaper.
Looks? Ibex Ignition > Moto
Suspension Fork? Ibex Ignition > Moto ( Marzocchi MZ Comp vs Judy TT... )
Brakes? Ibex Ignition has Hayes MX4 which is better than Tektro X9
Rear Derailler? Same
Front Derailler? Ignition has Alivio which is better than Shimano M330 ( Acera )
Rims? Ignition 2 has WTB Speeddisc, which are better than Alex whatevers...
Cockpit? Ignition 2 has Uno alloy, Moto has no name
Cranks? Ignition 2 has better Shimano cranks...

No need to go on..

This post is not biased in any way, the moto simply ... cannot match up. The extra 50 seems minimal in so many upgrades.
Most importantly,
The Ignition 2 has 4 bar linkage for a single pivot unlike the motobecane, which will help in climbing... and the rear shock for the moto prob. doesnt have lockout, because its not even listed in the specsheet
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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