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Ibex Alpine ordered!

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Thanks to all the people on here who swayed me towards the hard tail Alpine. I just placed my order for the sand black 18" Alpine and am anxiously awaiting delivery.

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Welcome to the IBEX Clan! I know anxious my friend. My Atlas Sport has been shipped already and I am waiting for it to arrive at my door. Good luck with your bike and make sure to post some pics.

i remember checking the shipping progress multiple times a day waiting for my ignition frame to arrive. then i walked through the door one day after school and bam! a huge box with that beautiful goat!
good luck!
bisekletaboy said:
Just ordered mine today ;)
Welcome to the FORUMz

Post up some PORN when you get your steed
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I got my Alpine yesterday, now I only need to find time to assemble it!
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