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They do make a Lefty hub. One of their "factory riders" is sponored by Cannondale and she has a lefty so they figured it out for her. It was not a one-off though, as that wouldn't make a whole lot of sense. They actually sponsor 5 Cannondale riders, and I am almost 100% positive she said it would be available to the public.
There are others who make a Lefty hub. Woodman and Mavic (Crossmax SL's) are available in Lefty compatible versions.
Just give I9 a call.

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Lefty I9's are available.

You can get them with any of thier wheels, no upcharge - just specify it when you order them from your LBS.

On a side note - been flogging a set of custom Pewter TK7.1 I9's and they have been AWESOME! noticeable increase in lateral/torsional stiffness and super quick acceleration and engagement. Well worth the $$ IMO - and thats comng from someone whose built wheels for 15+ years and typically wouldn't go for a 'prebuilt' wheel option

Give 'em a call if your LBS doesn't have the info

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Here is a website...

You can check this out, although it is a bit limited.

I saw a set on a bike at the LBS and they look pretty cool. That said, the spokes look like they would be very expensive to replace if there was a mishap. Plenty of Bling though!

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I9 send 4 extra spokes with each wheelset and I'm sure you could purchase more initially if 4 didn't make you feel comfortable. I've been on mine for a few months now and tey have been great. Very stiff and reliable. The 6 pawl, 120 point, engagement rawks.

The spokes are not any where near being wimpy.

Here are the available colors



Hawt pink
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