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Has anyone else been finding their rotors howl more when attached to a pair of I9s vs a set of "traditional" wheels?

I have been having brake howl on both my 135mm and 150mm I9 wheelsets, and was pretty close to writing it off as my brakes (Louise FR, and Gustavs). Did all the tricks, facing, new pads, wheel tension etc.

Was about to pull the trigger on a new set of brakes, but someone mentioned it could be the wheels. I thought BS, but I put on an old set that I had (swapped rotors) and was shocked that the brakes were silent. put the rotors back on the I9 and guess what, the howling is there.

So now I am curious if anyone else has noticed this, and what I should try to do to resolve. I am thinking of some sort of damping material where the spokes cross to minimize vibrations?
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