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A short working trip. Mostly I had my work cameras out and not my "tourist" cameras much but here's a few

Sunrise was a nebulous concept. It was high 30s at night, morning light began around 5:30am, the sun started illuminating the peaks above Frisco around 6am and, most importantly, reached me and my coffee brewing at exactly 7am and I could start warming up and getting ready for the day. Yes, that is ice on top of the table

As usual, left click the first pic then scroll through after reading the descriptions

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Late afternoon overlooking Dillon Reservoir

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Overlooking Clinton Reservoir (at around 11,100' give or take)

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Obligatory visit to Peaks Trail my final day

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It was an epic snowfall winter with numerous avalanches

Highway 9 on the way up from Copper to Fremont Pass (and Clinton Rez) got hit 2 or 3 times with monstrous avalanches that completely covered the road. Cleanup took forever and is still ongoing

I drove past the work zone a few times and was just awestruck with the amount of downed trees that had come down with the avalanches and one in particular clogged up whatever river flows through there with trees stacked up next to the highway

Well, heck I thought, this is a PhotoMo if there ever was one (PhotoMo: I rode the Slickrock trail with a guy from Denmark and he had very limited English but when he wanted to take a pic he would stop and announce "photomo")

Traffic was one lane there and I thought I could just pull over, hop out of my car, stroll over take some pics. Boy was I wrong. The second I pulled over and got out I was getting yelled at from everywhere to get the hell out of there. I took one pic, sheepishly waved and drove on

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Frisco woke up one morning to see an avalanche had come down just above the Peaks Trail, leaving what appeared to be some new ski run. Old pics from that same area show that in the early 1900s another avalanche had carved the same chute

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A view I bet most of you haven't seen, this being from up on Hamilton Creek Road just north of Silverthorne, looking south

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More from Summit County

My trips don't end when I get back, in a sense they're just beginning as I then start work processing all the images I took

So, yeah, I've been reliving CB3 and Summit County and even my last Utah trip these past weeks. Here's a few more

Officers Gulch, easy to drive by on the way to Copper Mtn, pretty scenic back in there, lots of fishermen so I had to get there early

Left click the first pic after you've read the descriptions then scroll through

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I go up Highway 9 towards Kremmling (up Ute Pass, through Heeney etc) when I'm up there. I stopped and took a few shots while trying not to get run over by the manic traffic. Truck after truck after truck, everyone doing 90, pretty crazy

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I'm backing up, dodging the traffic and just about stumble over this guy. He was pretty quiet, didn't know he was there till I was practically on top of him. I wonder how long road kill is good for getting the meat off? I'm surprised other beasties hadn't found him yet

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On the way up towards Hoosier Pass there's a turnoff to the main parking lot for the trail up Quandary. Also, if you keep going up the dirt road you eventually get to Blue Lakes, two lakes (one a big reservoir) at around 12,000'

Looking over the smaller/lower lake towards the upper lake

View attachment 1273483

Now up at the upper one looking down past the lower one

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There's a small herd of resident mountain goats up there. Some of the younger ones get frisky and will hop up on your car hood and do The Goat Dance, true story. I parked a ways from them and kept an eye on their whereabouts while shooting

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Pic 1 .... Grays and Edwards from Argentine Pass trail, west side. Pic 2 and 3 ... Silverheels Peak and the trail enroute to it. The ride was snow free until 12,000 feet, then it was a hike-a-bike. Left the wheels behind at the mine tunnel, and from there it was a scramble to the high point.


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