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I want to buy a new bike.Please halp me

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Hello guys!First of all sorry if I posted my Thread in the wrong place:D .I live in Romania
I want a new bike in the 100-130 euro (that is 500-600 lei in Romanian money) price range.I want to use it every day and ocasionaly go for some easy downhilling in the forests.
I found some bikes that wold be god forom my noobish view:
First candidate:
Second candidate:

Please tell me which one is the best.Or if you can finde a better one on this site please show me the link.

TY for your help, and sorry for my english grammer :thumbsup:
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Hai Salut :) Sunt si eu Roman da nu din Romania, acum locuiesc in state.

Anyways to keep it in English:). Don't know how many people can help you around here since the website is in Romanian but you can still make out the parts.

However from what I see you said you want to pay around from 500-600 lei, those bikes that you linked start at 3500 lei?

Also those bikes i believe are pretty much DH bikes and i don't know how great/comfortable they will perform for an every day ride around town.
wow I am shocked :eek:
How can I be so stupid :D lol
So no bike for me :p
Well it looks like you are looking for something entry lvl. Theres plenty of entry lvl bikes here in the us so i'm sure theres got to be plenty in RO too. You just have to keep on looking

ceva de genu asta?
Well ty Dragos for the info.I think I will buy a second hand refurbished bike becouse I have a relay low budget becouse I am only a student :(. Topic closed
Back again :D

Hello guys I am back :p. Well I did some research (this time I know the correct price :D ) and here are some bikes wich cout my attention. Which one is the best? :)

Here are the posible candidates:

I am waiting for your replays. TY for your help ! :thumbsup:
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