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Hey Everyone! I've been lurking around this website for a few months now gaining some real useful information. I was really into mtn biking in the early 90's and stopped riding for quite some time. I run marathons and work out religiously and late this year I deciding to hop on my ride to cross train. Ever since that first failed attempt to climb Mt. Diablo, I've been hooked. My ride is really outdated and want to know who much I can sell it for. Not sure it's really worth anything but every dollar will help me out. I want a Full Suspension badly.... Here's my ride. Let me know what you think. Don't worry I can take the critizism.

1995 Klein Pulse (I think)
XT/LX components with Grip Shift
Now has new Chris King Grip Nut Headset
Bar ends have been removed
Manitou 3 Shocks with Speed Springs (no elastomers)
White Industry Hubs on Mavis 217 SUP rims
Kenda Nevegal 2.3 (ghetto tubeless) front 2.1 back

Happy Riding - Mike

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No Gansta Lean here.
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Post your question over on .....

the Vintage, Retro, and Classic Forum.
They have a "What's it Worth" sticky thread going.
Some of those guys may just want it for that fork!

I'm getting my AM fully ideas together as well.
I have a mint condition Pro-Flex 857 complete bike to get rid of for the same reasons that you are. Just gotta' get off my @ss and post it over on VRC and in the Classifieds, etc. to hopefully get rid of it. ;)

Good luck!
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