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I upgraded my Marlin

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When the youngest kid took over this bike, I had already swapped out the stock fork which was worn out. Now I thought it was time for a 1x drivetrain. Ended up ordered a full SLX kit, and some DT rims and spokes. The bike now features:

RS Judy Gold RL fork
SLX crank
SLX cassette
SLX chain
SLX shifter
SLX brakes
SLX discs
SLX hubs
DT XM481 rims
DT Comp/Rev spokes
Ikon 2.35 tires

Cost was probably similar to if I had instead bought an X-Caliber, but this was more fun :)

Perhaps a topic for a picture-share thread?

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1 - 1 of 1 Posts
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