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About a week ago I asked if anyone here ever changed the old type cartridge in a 27.2mm KS LEV for the newer type which has an air valve in it.


I got a few links to posts here and also found some posts on a German site and also a link to a German shop which sells the parts. This made ordering the parts cheap and delivery fast compared to ordering in the US, since I live in the Netherlands.

I also sent an email to Kind Shock where Chris answered all my questions and gave great advise. The parts were ordered last Tuesday.

The ordered parts:

# KS A3113-272 DU bushing
# KS P3014 Clamp Cradle Fastener (valve cap)
# 3x KS P26HL guide bushings (just in case the old ones don't fit or are worn out)
# KS A3154-100 cartridge

While waiting for my parts to arrive I designed a 27.2mm vise clamp in Fusion360 and 3D printed the tool on my fdm printer. This will make clamping the seat post in a vise a lot easier and I don't have to worry about damaging the seat post. Printed 100% solid so it can take the stresses when clamping the post. I already had 3D printed some other vise clamps for shock maintenance I could also use, so I was all set for work on my LEV.



Today, Friday, I got everything needed for the swap of the cartridge and I started almost immediately upon receiving my parcel.

This was probably one of the easiest conversions/mods I ever did on a mountainbike part. Total time needed, including taking the seat post from the bike and putting it back on, was about an hour.

There is not much to tell that is very different from watching the full maintenance video for the LEV posts on the Kind Shock website -> Kind Shock LEV general maintenance

The only difference is the pushrod shown in the video has tapered ends and is quite short. The one in the old cartridge is an aluminium rod almost 20cm long, which needs to be cut to about 107mm. Since I had read about a few different lengths, just to be safe I figured I would measure the needed length myself.

I inserted the rod in the old cartridge and measured the remaining depth with calipers. Since the actuator end cap length will remain the same, the depth in the new cartridge should be the same as in the old one.


The space left inside was 9mm, so now I know the depth needed in the new cartridge. I used a wooden BBQ skewer to measure the depth of the new cartridge and cut the skewer to that exact length. Now I just have to measure the skewer and subtract 9mm. The skewer was cut at 116.1mm, so in this case the aluminium pushrod needed to be cut to 107.1mm


After cutting the pushrod to length it is just a matter of following the instructions in the previously linked video to put everything back together.

I replaced the 3 old guide bushings with new ones and also used the new DU bushing. The old one still looks okay, but better safe then sorry.


Before mounting the saddle to the post I checked the pressure inside the new cartridge and it was set at about 170psi. This was somewhat higher of course before I attached the pump and pressure was equalised. I pressurised the post to 250psi and it rises butter smooth and is way faster then the old cartridge ever was.


A very easy swap which gives my LEV a lot more years in this bike and on the trails.

In comparison to buying a new post, this is a far cheaper solution and well worth the time spent.
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