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I think my Intense is cursed

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Seriously. I'm on a Tracer VP. It's been a good bike. A great bike in fact. I really love how it climbs, descends, the whole package. But it's cursed. Bad juju. A few months ago, dented the rear triangle. All one pc and not inexpensive. I chalked it up to bad luck. Then, the weekend after Memorial Day, the rear der rips the der hanger off and into the rear wheel. Fixed it all. New rear tri, new der, chain, etc and all is good. Now, within just a few weeks, I've dented the rear tri again. I also ripped the rear der hanger off again and toasted a der and chain. Again. Bad juju. I love the way the Tracer rides but I think it's time for a Spot. grrr.

thanks for letting me vent. This just happened all tonight and I'm feeling the Karma coming back around. Want to buy a Tracer VP?

Maybe I just need a new set of skillz. Frustrated. grrr
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good choice

I test rode both the vp tracer in 6" mode with a fox 36 and the 5 spot with a 140 fork. I felt the tracer made the easy climbs better, the spot made the hard climbs better. On the DH I felt they were equal.
I had a Ventana once that had a particular hatred for my car.

I put it on the stand-up Yakama roof rack of my 6 week old car. Both tires evidently had small cactus thorns and were slowly deflating during the 20 mile ride home. Pull into the roundabout in my neighborhood at the very end of a drive and I hear THUNK - the tires had deflated letting the bike come loose from the rack. It swung into the side of my car causing $1500 worth of body damage.

Later that same winter the garage hook it was hanging from managed to come loose, allowing the bike to again attack the hood of the same car causing more damage.

I brought the bike back to Hawaii and buried it alongside the Brady's tiki.
I think the same about this 36 I have. Finally get it up and running well after like a year of tinkering with it. Last weekend, the footnut on the air side breaks off, possibly due to a crash I had earlier in the day.

Got a lead on a Float conversion, but the U-cup and foot nut is not included, so I call the Fox distro out here, and they don't seem to really care. Hopefully I'll hear something back, but I don't know.

Had a lead on the TALAS part I needed from the US, but no confirmation that this model would work on my fork.

Hell, I'm even more amazed no one on the Turner forum has a scrap fork with spare parts.
It's only cause your daily "trail" rides include more gnar than most DH courses. Go ahead, it's ok now, no more resisting the DWL Spot.
haha, yeah Moose. Last night was our annual Tuesday nighter that's closest to Solstice. Rode some stuff on and around Sourdough until dark then clicked the lights on and rode some more. We were out until about 10:30 or so. Dark, rain, rocks, fun. Bummer about the bike, though.

Thanks for the words fellas, good to know I'm not alone.
The call of the Turner homer sirens is luring you in.;)

Don't need an excuse to get a 5 Spot, but I found the tubing on my 6.6 very thin and easily dented also.

Having said that, I felt the Tracer and the DW Spot rode very similarly. Great, efficient climbers, smart and snappy sprinters, active over climbing bumps and ledges (the Turner a bit more than the Intense) and neither were super plush on choppy square edged stuff on the descents.

Sounds like you need an Endorphin.
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My old Uzzi SL was a bit like that.

Broke shock pivot bolts, main pivot bolts, mech hangers self destructed like no tomorrow. UK parts availability was patchy at best, so I ended up making my own hangers out of 1/4" steel plate and still bent a couple. It dented really easily too.

I have trashed bits of my Turner, but it's usually in new, interesting and inventive ways that have a very clear cause (mostly rider induced), so no real fault of the bike. Dinking the bottom bracket shell was interesting...:eek:
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