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I think my 5th element finally bit the dust...

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i ride an 06 mkIII team that came with the 5th element air. its been a steady performer for 3 years, but i think it finally died. i'm looking for advice as to what to do next. money is definitely an issue, so would it be worth it to send it off to be rebuilt (ie, or should i invest in a better shock. i don't do anything more than maybe 1-2ft drops, but I am 210lbs. i would love to go with the ubiquitous rp23, but i just don't have $400 to throw at my bike right now. any other suggestions?

also, this is the first time i've tried to remove a rear shock. i've unscrewed the 4 bolts that seem to hold it in place, but it still won't budge. do the threaded rods going through the eyelets slide out? i can't get them to budge either.

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the eyelets slide out. thread in the bolt a bit and then hammer it until the bolt starts to slide out then use something else to finish pushing it. as for the shock, don't waste your money on an rp2 - it is uneccessary for this bike. a simple shock is perfect. a fox with no/low compression is ideal. i have an rp2 because i got a good deal on it and it has minimal damping. a regular float would work as well.
The Cane Creek Cloud Nine works well on the MkIII also. I used one for a couple of years and really liked it. If you order from Cane Creek, they have an upgrade program whereby the shock is $245 if you send them your old shock. A quick Google search turns up at least one online retailer selling these shocks for less than this price though - and presumably, you won't need to send them your old shock.

If you do go with a Fox (either a Float or an RP23), try to find one with a light compression tune. It makes a big difference in how the bike rides.
talk to steve at garageworks suspension. He was an authorized support for 5th and has lots of spare parts.

They have worked on my 5th element twice now. Good as new each time. It wasn't super cheap but not as much as a new shock. Plus I just love the performance of the 5th element.
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