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i think i want to start commuting to work on my bike, help

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i would like to start commuting on my bike to work. ill be traveling from north bergen new jersey to downtown newark penn station. how do i go about it, what trains do i take? or bus that handles bikes, am i even allowed to take my bike on the trains, i got a niner wfo, she is big bike! any advice is appreciated... anyone on these make this trip daily?
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I'm not completely sure but you could probably ride from North Bergen to Secaucus and hop a train at Allied Junction to Newark. We used to ride our 20" BMX's from Secaucus to N.B. just to go to James Vincent (JV's) bike shop.
Here's the info on bikes on NJ transit buses/trains. Also, if you go to googlemaps and click get directions, you can choose public transport & even what time you want to go, and it gives you the bus/train options & schedule. Then just choose which leg(s) you want to bike. For example, it looks like you could bike to bus 108, ride the bus 25 minutes, and arrive a 5 min walk from Newark Penn... for the schedule/map for tomorrow, arriving at 8 a.m., see see,0.307961&ie=UTF8&z=13&start=0
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