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I was a happy every once in a while rider,mainly single track (local county parks),brought my 8 year old son along sometimes to share the fun with him :)
I bought my self a full suspension frame that I was going to build from the paint up and then I found this forum and everything change :idea:
I said to my want a fatbike, needless to say it doesn't snow whereI live but is that changing my mind I think not.
With that said I need some help selling that frame,which by the way is better for the type of riding that I do where I live than a fatbike may be,but I don't care it has got to go to allow for a fatbike,This ad is paid for

If your interested or know somebody that may be interested please send them this way,it will be greatly appreciated specially by the wife :D
I've gone as far as going babyfat,I got my daugther a schwinn manta ray, 20" x 4' in the back, 12"x 2" in front, cool looking thing big enough for me to ride ;)

I specially blame tscheezy,coast kid and ward for my obsession,your work on the videos is oustanding, it would be great to ride in your areas, thank you for sharing them with the rest of us :thumbsup:
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