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I rode Ashland Saturday and Sunday...

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...and to be quite honest while Northstar, Downieville, and everything in the Bay Area certainly have their moments, Ashland wins. They've got every type of riding that you could imagine, from dusty and loose rutty DH, to flat out pedal-fest climbs, to straight up All-Mountian/Freeride nuggin'. And the amount of work that these guys put into their Super-D, as well as just general trail maintenance and time spent with the local authorities is unbelievable. Dedication at its finest, that's for sure.

If you haven't been to see Wild Bill up at Ashland Mountain Adventures yet - GO.

Shameless plug:

Thanks to Bill and Sue, and Uncle Cliffy on MTBR here for the shuttle rides and for showing us around all the goodness that exists up there.

Can't wait to go back!
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can't wait to hit it up, I plan to be there in a few weeks with my new carbon nomad...STOKED!!
That will, quite honestly, be the perfect bike for up there. I had a blast on my '05 SX Trail. A slack bike that can still climb with 6" - 6.5" of travel is all you need. You'll love it.

Bring good tires though with strong side walls.
I'm new to this sport and I've been wondering if there was anything going on over there. I live in the NY/NJ area, but have family in Hornbrook CA(30mins from the Mt... I think), and have been thinking about taking my bike out on the next visit. Not sure, but I think Shasta's also near by?
On my way up this weekend.
Should I shuttle, or pedal?
I can shuttle 1 day and pedal the next.
Staying at Lithia Springs Cottage, so appearantly I can be on the trail right outside my door.
Bringing the Enduro SL. Currently set up lightweight tubeless. Should I swith to something more substantial?
i go tubeless, with heavier tires for the rocks.
you can easily do three shuttles a day, every day your there.
call bill/ama now to reserve shuttles.
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