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Haha....thanks MJ. Your RFX is the perfect Galby bike. In fact, I'd say it almost makes for a good "RFX Placeholder"! ;) Needless to say, Lars pretty much kills it on this trail.

That interview with Fraser was done mid-ride and even being long winded, as usual, I still forgot to include a bunch of folks. doh! Anyway, the trail above Unemployment Line (Evolution) and below it (Atomic Dog) are both flowing equally as nice these days. We'll be starting on the next machine built jump trail in Fall which will go off the top and end right across from Mullet.


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I see Air EB is still flying higher and farther.:thumbsup:
That is one sweet trail and it looks like all your hard trail work has paid off.
As for long winded I thought you were just getting going weren't you????

I guess I have get my butt over the border and sample some of the goods at Galbraith one day.

1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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