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So awhile back I ordered a hydraulic rear brake for my hard tail because I love the feel of them on my full suspension. For bike rack and storage reasons, I didn't want anything hanging down and possibly being broken off. I also wanted it to look as factory as possible. I started with a really small drill bitt and worked it around into the side of the cable guide where it tapers down for the wire. I got it big enough to fit a small round file in. After hand filing, I then used a drill to spin that file and enlarge the hole. I then pried it open with a small pry bar and put the cable in its place. Then I used a mallet to smash it back closed. Toon about an hour, but a lot of that time was spent looking for the file. If I didn't it again, I could probably get 2 cable routings done in 30 minutes. Pictures uploaded in reverse order for some reason.


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