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My first real MTB in 20 years is an 2014 Cannondale Trigger 29ers 3. As an older gentleman (40 years young) , I decided I was tired of riding next to crazy drivers and preferred the smell of the Douglas Fir than the Co2. I got the bike at very reasonable price. I opted for flat pedal and I am looking forward to take it to the local trail in a few days. The hitch is getting install on the SUV this week.

I am lucky enough to have a few co-workers who enjoy the same hobby so I will be in good hands for my first few tries. I will share some photos later this week.


I just came back from a quick 25 min ride at the Watershed Park in North Delta. The bike handle like a dream. I did a 20km ride yesterday so my leg were not fresh but I did manage to do quick tour of the park. The gear shift like butter and it's a very smooth ride so far. I didn't really do much downhill for the first time. I did one big climb and my leg were shut halfway up. I got to test going back down. The disc brake are fantastic. I can't wait to go back next weekend.

Photo in front of the house.
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