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I need to make my mind up?

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I have been looking at getting a new bike for Killington this year. And i want to stay with my local bike shop that i have dealt with for years, He sells Trek and Kona. I think i have made my mind up on a Trek Scratch 8, But i can get into a Kona for alot less. I am not a hardcore rider but want to do more then i can on my Hifi. whats everyones thoughts? is it worth spending about $700 more on the Trek? I am leaning that way, seems like it is a more up to date design with better components. But would i really notice? Thanks for the help
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The Trek is a really good design, what Kona are you considering? I'm not going to say the Trek is going to ensure you have a better time out there, but it is a nice bike. Is there a way for you test ride the both of them?
I was looking at the Operator Fr. I can try both. But right now we have way to much snow and would net be able to really do anything but pedal around. Thanks for the help
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