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I need some help finding some parts

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A guy came into my shop looking for some specific early 90s parts. They are Regina freewheel and chain. I know these are road parts, but im on this site to often, so here I am.

I looking for a site or a retailer that would sell direct to the customer or a distributer that would sell to my store without setting up an account. Im not even sure my company would let me buy from a company we dont have an accout with or not, but its worth a shot.

the guy is looking for a Regina Sl america Freewhee(silver, QTY2) and 3 regina chains. thanks for ANY imput you guys have.

Thanks again.
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Call up EuroAsia.
banks said:
Call up EuroAsia.
Euro-Asia, absolutely - I won't post their phone number here, but if you need it sandman, PM me. I recently purchased a NOS set of Dura Ace 28h 7 speed cassette hubs from them. They have a lot of stock of road type parts like what you are looking for.
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