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I Need Lightweight Trail/Race Bike

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So i went to a fs bike, didnt like it as much as i would have hoped.. It was heavy, and rather slow except through the thick roots an rocks..

I guess i want to add to my hardtail collection, and i want something very lightweight, that i can use for trail use and racing..

Now remember I want something that can handle hard riding every day in the trails, but can also make a good racer, something that i can really depend on.

I was looking at the Motobecane Fly Pro, weight in at right under 23 LBS, but i have really no expierience with higher end bikes like this.
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What are you on now?

I raced a Trek Top Fuel 98 this season and beat the crap out of it. It held up well:)
BTW. when I first bought the bike I weighed near 280+/-...

Do you want 26 or 29?
Whats your budget:thumbsup: most important...

Thanks Ross
i want a 26 but i dont wanna spend more than the 1200 the fly costs
Going to be hard to beat the value that the Moto offers .
AZ.MTNS said:
Going to be hard to beat the value that the Moto offers .
+1, those bikes seem to be (never ridden one, just read a bunch about them) an excellent deal, high quality parts for a super low price. That's where I would go as well, probably good to check the Motobecane section of this forum as well for more info/thoughts on that model.
Good w/ a wrench?

Keep in mind the bikesdirect bikes will need some setup. If you have the tools and know-how (or beer and a friend that does), you're set. If not you may need to pay a shop, some shops might not be stoked about setting up bike you got online for cheap as they'd rather sell you one of theirs...

That said I have a buddy that rides one and has been happy w/ it. Good component spec for the dough, don't know anything about the wheels or how those frames hold up long term.

Good luck!
Yes guys thanks! But anybodey know if that would make a good trail and training bike also.. I mean i wouldnt be throwing it through anything more than small drops, sometimes heavy roots, but generally here in the midwest in the heart of illinois, nothing here reqiures fs imo.
That bike makes my short list of XC rides .
Sooo... ya think that the Fantom HT Elite would be better for me???

I just cant wrap myself around the weight difference. they appear to use the same frame
I have a montobecane fly team (frame only) and i love it. It seems to be a good match of stiffness and flex in the chainstay area. Oh and the frame is 2.8lbs. Ive built mine up this past year and it weights in at 24.6lbs with pedals and headlight and rear blinking light. And a heavy crankset. So i see this at 23-23.5 next spring. Just bragging, b/c i've done all this for under $1500. Moto is a good deal and good ride. I don't think you would be disappointed.
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