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I've gotcha covered on this one. I've been using toe clips and straps for the better part of nearly twenty years and I've tried them all: from SR Lowfats to Suntour Superbe Pros to Shimano XTs to WTB Momentum.

GIANT makes (or sells under their brand name) a high end flat pedal that's toe clip compatible and is the best I've used. Believe it or not these puppies come with sealed cartridge bearings. I've used a pair for two years now and the bearings are just as smooth as when I bought 'em. They're very lightweight (sorry, I haven't tossed them on my gram scale so I can't give you the exact numbers).

About the only downside is that the cages are made of lightweight alloy and do tend to bend a bit easier upon hard impacts (not a big issue). Another intersting point is that the pedal cages have the traditional slots for the toe straps to slide into but the pedal body does not. Not a problem! Just use a strong zip tie and use one of the reflector holes (I popped off the reflectors first thing) at the back of the cage to secure the strap and keep it from sliding.

Wheel World in Culver City, CA carries these pedals (approximately $28) and they can also be ordered by any Giant dealer. Be advised that Giant also makes a low end pedal
so don't get the two confused. The high end pedal is called the "Pro Alloy Pedals" and the part # is 67110. I was so impressed with these pedals I bought two extra pair in case they ever stop making them.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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