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I need GT Avalanche or Zaskar headtube badge or decals or scan of decal...

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Hey all

I'm doing a strip and polish on a GT Avalanche and I need to find a suitable headtube decal or scan of a badge/decal so I can have some made up. I bought some laser cut frame decals so there is no colored background and that's the kind of look I'd be going for up front. I'm in the UK so I think a scan of a badge/decal would be the easiest option so I can have some made up.

Can anyone help?

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I found these LTS decals on ebay and the headtube decal is exactly what I need. Only one problem, his are blue and probably have a coloured background and i just need black laser cut decals. Does anyone have an LTS headtube decal they could scan for me?

That would be sweet...
You can buy Avalanche and Avalanche LE decals from the 1997 model year on eBay very cheaply from a seller that goes by felzno. Michael it would also help us if you'd let us know what model year your Avalanche is because after all they were first built in 1987 and it is now 2010. Post a picture of yours and I'll shoot you a catalog link to the original decals for that model year.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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