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I need a helmet recommendation for my bulbous head

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Right now I'm using a basic trek helmet and it seems to just sit on the tip top of my head. I don't feel like it covers enough of my head. There is almost two inches of bare space between the tops of my ears and the helmet and most of the back of my head isn't covered. Do any of you know of any brands that have more coverage? I've tried on specialized helmets as well and they do not fit well either. Does anybody have any experience with the fox flux?
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Your head is too big! And there are a lot of Gakky Gay helmets out there. Find one that covers! I'm running an old Troy lee from like the twenties, and think the gomer Yamaka helmets are stupid.

But I can't mash up a hill so what ever works.
Best thing to do when looking for a new helmet is try a bunch on. I just purchased a new one a few days ago and must have tried on 100 helmets before I found one that fit well (apparently my head is a rather odd shape). Ended up with a Giro Athlon, second choice would have been a Giro Xen.

Some helmets do cover a bit more of your melon than others, the Fox you mentioned is one, another one I would look at tis the Giro Xen, although pricey a nice helmet that offers a bit more protection that some others, but most important is how well the helmet fits. If it doesn't fit well, it won't protect as well, or you just plain won't want to wear it. Take your time, find one you like and one that fits well and enjoy.

The Giro Venti is designed for the bulbous head, and is reasonably priced.

I have one and it comes with thicker pads to tune the fit. I love the fit of the Giro's. I have a Remedy FF that's very comfortable, but can get frikkin' hot this time of year.
I just bought a Giro Phase, it makes my fat head look a little slimmer. My previous helmet was a Giro, made my head look fatter, but they both fit very well....
I got the Giro Atlas II for my big head. It was the only helmet that fit comfortably for me.
just hollow out a pumpkin and put it on your noggin. then you can be pumpkinhead
I have a giant mellon.... I have the Grio Indicator. Super cheap and comfy...
I use a Giro Xen on my big ol' melon. Large size (59-63mm), but not all Giros fit the same. I bought a Large Giro Athlon online that was so small I gave it to my wife, who usually wears a medium size helmet. Fits her perfectly. Giro totally blew me off when I mentioned it was purchased online--guess they don't warranty online sources or something.

My backup helmet is a Large Bell sequence. Fits on my head about as good as the Xen, but the straps aren't nearly as comfortable.

My Lesson Learned? Don't buy a helmet online. Spend the extra money & visit a LBS to get a good fit. Eventually you'll find one that fits.
I have a big head as well and went with a Fox helmet. It fits awesome. Super light. Like there's nothing on your head.
Ya gotta try 'em all on, every manufacturer is gonna fit and feel different.
get a TT helmet those things are huge
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