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i need a FS freeride bike help me

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i am looking for a innexpensive freeeride FS bike anyone got any ideas (i know this sounds stupid but i live in a 20 yr old trailer so it must be at the most $700 probably wont happen but if so i would like to know)
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Won't happen

I'm sorry to tell you this, however, you wont be able to get a FS thats worth $700. Go for a HardTail, you'll get much more bang for the buck. A few Q's to be asking yourself... What type of riding do you do? Examples are cross country, All-Mountain, Downhill, Freeride.
What type of terrain is near you that you ride, etc.?

Also, go ahead and tell us some things about you. Good Luck! :D

well i do some all mountain but i will mostly use it for riding around my neiborhood doing jumps and small drops...but the only reason i want a FS is i had a hardtail and when i would do jumps i broke something alot of the times because i oave shot the landing so i want a FS so that wont happen
and if you can what is a cheap FS and whats the price
Look on and the clasifieds here, and your local pink bike for older Bighits and Stinky's, that's prob. your best bet at finding a decent FS bike for under $1000. But from your description of your riding style you would be MUCH happier on a hardtail, much better for dirt jumping and your local neighborhood cruse. And as for strenth for landing to flat, I'm not totally sure but I think landing to flat on a full sus. stresses your pivots worse than the stress on the rear triangle of a HT, makes no since to me but I recall someone explaining why. But look for a FR spec. hardtail.
ok well do you know of a place where i can get a HT with fox forks (i dont care which one i just love them)
You can buy a Gary Fisher Joshua for 600. Hahahaha.

(Don't actually do it...)

As the others suggested, hardtail is the way to go in your price range. Fox makes some sick forks, but very pricey, and not neccesarily the best.
No. Most quality fox forks are at least $400 and go well over 1k
so any ideas i was looking at the specialized hardrock sport comp if you have any other ideas please tell me
Nooo no no no. For 7 hundo? Don't get a Hardrock. You can look at the p.series from Specialized, Giant STP, Felt Shot bikes, Diamondback Assault, and the Kona DJ hardtails. You may have to barter with the LBS a bit, but they're much better bikes.

Since it sounds like you're just getting into it, I'd consider buying used. You get way more for your money that way.
where can i get one used and the reason i want a FS is because i wont get another bike for a couple of years but if you say so a HT it is
Well, even in the used market there's little if anything for 700 dollars. The best you can hope for is a very used Bighit or Stinky in the 800 to 900 range.

For used bikes check out ebay, craigslist, the classifieds on MTBR and Pinkbike.
Buy Used
well i can get a discount on new bikes (because im sweet) but it is noly 20% so thats why i want a new bike so if i get used it will be around 5 hundo
derfernerf said:
For your type of riding that bike may be over kill, hard to get off the ground, and a pain to pedel around for urban stuff. But if you like it, make the dude an offer, but I don't think he's going to except $700 or so. He said make an offer, he's wanting people to out bid each other.
well i know im not going to get it and im sure it weighs 40+lbs but it looks sweet
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