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i must be bored today...

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here's one for eric,

spoke card pic to bring back some memories for eroman. this spokard was from an alley cat put on by Bruce in D.C. he really knows how to mix the race up featuring speed as well smarts. this one in particular was as intricate as they come. each stop(address) on the list was associated with a building name. once you found the building name, you filled it in to one column, which had a highlighted square for one of the letters in that name. then you had to answer a question associated with that letter in another column about that particular building, like, "What is the dial code for Mr. Williams?". you filled that in to another column and you off to the next address. so, if you got the building name wrong you were answering the wrong question about that building. they were scattered all around the city, in all four quadrants and there was no way to go to all the addresses within the time given. bonus time was awarded for the arrivals at the party house for first thru tenth place and negative time was awarded to the peoples arriving after the deadline. good times, good times...


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