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I want to share how amazing the people are that work at SC Bikes. This is not about anyone of their bikes what-so-ever! Although the Nomad kicks major Booty! :thumbsup:

This is going to take awhile, but it is worth it.

For the longest time I was looking to become loyal to a certain bike company. I spoke with several comapnies just to get a feel (this was over several years) for what they were about and if I would even consider their bikes. Maybe a weird way to begin, but it was important to me.

I was never truly impressed with many, as they didn't seem to really appreciate someoneh with out money ready to go. I can understadn this, as it is a business. I even wrote a proposal for a small biek company for a festival/product launch. They loved the idea, promised me I would be rewarded/involved, had the event and used almost all of my ideas and even my verbage, and I never even got a thank you.

So after a couple of years I got fed up and just started riding what I could get via "ebay-esque" sweet deals.

Finalyl got a Nomad as I was realyl digging my experiences with SC bikes.

I recently wrote SC and just thanked them for building such a great product. I told them explicitly I did not want anything, no freebies at all. I just wanted to say thank you and how much my kids (I teach 5th graders) thoguht the Nomad was "so cool."

I get e great reply saynig thanks and that they wanted to send some free stickers my way for the kids. "How many do you need?"

I teach 75 kids daily!

They sent 80!

Didn't not say one word about any sort of payment, took a week, and 75 kids and 1 goofy teacher fell in love with a company that day!

NO company gives strangers that mcuh for free!

Except for Santa Cruz!

Yeah I love the company and the gracious people who work there!

I will be an owner for life!
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