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I hope the theif hits a tree

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Some jerk cut the lock to my beautiful cannondale rush 5. The platform on it was perfect, and the fox float in the rear was so stiff. (The lefty was leaking everywhere and somehow kept working well once I figured out how to protect the rotor).
Anyway, I'm probably going to end up selling my TV or my washing machine or something for a new bike asap.
Any suggestions? It's so tempting to conserve and go hardtail but I know I'll miss the full suspension. I'd like something with fox suspension. What's the deal with all these adjustments for the fox forks? RLC? Do they break?
If you've got time I'd love it if you'd throw suggestions at me for a new sweet, low price, stiff ride. I'm just under 200lbs, xc and all-mountain
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Dude I feel for you. My fetish got jacked from campus just a week ago.

Keep checking Craigslist. Also get the word out to all bike shops and pawn shops in the area.
On the adjustments: R-Rebound L-Lockout C-Compression P-Propedal and the 2 and 3 in Float RP23 are 2 positions (propedal on or off) 3 levels of propedal (Light medium firm).
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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