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hilikus, amazintlarry, the marsvolta, and some other friends came over today and i hit the drop. It's real sweet and the landing's pretty smooth, i hit it 4 times, the first 2 times i hit it pretty slow and dropped 13-14 verticale feet, and the last 2 times i did it I hit it with more speed and landed 15-16 verticale feet down. There's not really any good pics, theres only a couple of me in the air, and they dont even show the tranny. We took a bunch of video which looks real sweet, but not on a digital camera so i dont think we cant put them online. These pics dont give justice, im plannin on doin it more so ill try to get better pics.

the drop before i hit it, tranny starts at bottom of pic
side view
the dark areazon the bottom is where the tranny starts
me droppin
me in air
where i landed on the tranny
me and my bike after droppin it
1 - 20 of 33 Posts
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