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Take two of These and Call Me in the Morning!!

Having just read yet another "I'm addicted to SS" thread, I thought I'd go ahead and post this solution a few of us have thought up.

Aka: Take Two of These and Call Me in the Morning.

If and when anybody decides to pull an intervention on you, over your SingleSpeed bike addiction, do the following:

~Sell off all but a couple of rides to close friends/family.

~Wait about three months, then guilt trip them about how little/much they're riding said bike, and how much you miss it.

~Say how wonderful the times you had on that specific ride, justifying the specific need for it.

~Mention you'd love to build up another one.

~Involve the person in the build/shopping process.

~Now you've gotten someone else addicted.

**Bonus is you are now able to refer to them as "The Enabler(s)", and sucker them into riding with you!!**
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